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Qualified Concrete Work

Here at Redd Excavation and Concrete, we're Northeast Arkansas' premium servicer for concrete work. Specializing in a range of concrete services, including site pad preparation and driveway construction, our team is here when you need a job done, big or small! As one of the most commonly used materials in construction, concrete acts as a stable foundation for most surfaces, such as home foundations, parking lots and driveways, superstructures, and more. 

While concrete is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials on the market, hiring a professional that understands the correct mixtures and applications is vital. At Redd Excavation, we know the correct formulas when mixing concrete for every type of application. So whether you need an inground pool, driveway, or building pad for home construction, entrust the best in business when you choose Redd Excavation! 

Inground Pools

Another service we offer at Redd Excavation and Concrete is inground pool installation. We have another business dedicated to our pool services with Redd Pools and Spas. We utilize our knowledge of laying foundations and concrete work to prep and install bases for inground pools. Talk with our experts today about how we can incorporate the pool of your dreams! 

Driveways & Site Prep & More!

Leave it to the Redd Excavation team for concrete pads and driveway construction! Our qualified concrete experts are experienced in site prep work for building pads. Our guys can quickly clear away any area of land and take all the steps necessary to have a site prepared for a build. We grade surface areas with accuracy to level sites and make bases for foundations. We do all the work for driveways, footings, slabs, sidewalks, patios, and other concrete surfaces for you to install these concrete structures.  So whether you need a new driveway installed or site prep for a home build, we're the team you want to call!

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